WGHS Message from Supt. Bills and Student Leaders

Good morning, I’m David Bills, Superintendent of Schools.,

Last evening, we became aware of social media posts that required the assistance of the Camillus Police Department.

We needed to make a decision to cancel the Pep Rally.

As of this morning, the investigation was completed and students involved will be held accountable per the West Genesee Code of Conduct.

School administration and a large group of student leaders met this morning.

We cannot have the full Pep Assembly today, however it is now postponed and will be held next Friday, October 8th.

Let me turn things over to Student Council to tell you more…

Hi, I’m Grace Lannon, your student council president. I’m Kylee Barry, your student council vice president. I’m Janaya Jones your student council treasurer. I’m Allie Sincebaugh, your student council secretary. And I’m Greta Spicer the student council publicity director.  First we would like to thank everyone who participated in the meeting this morning, students, high school administration, advisors, and Mr. Bills. We want you all to know that you were heard and you’re making a difference. That being said, today it has been decided that we will have a teaser for each of the classes of what is to come next Friday for the full pep-rally.

Seniors and sophomores will be released to the upper gym at 12:30. Juniors and freshmen will be released to the upper gym at 1:15. It is asked that all students wear their masks over their noses and mouths and sit 3 feet apart.
We are excited about being able to come together today and to be able to have a full pep rally the same day as Senior Night.

ALL::  Today we have learned that we are stronger together and, IT IS A GREAT DAY TO BE A WILDCAT!!!