WGHS Organizational Structure Change is Announced

July 2020/Updated Chart and Assignments on August 11, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope the summer and our warm, okay hot, weather has been welcome, and you and your family have been able to take advantage of the outdoors. Planning for the 2020-21 school year began during the early spring months. Part of that work entailed adjusting our staffing and organizational structure to better reflect our current enrollment.

Our new structure will be reflected in a modified house system. Students will be grouped by an alphabetical split with a counselor and a principal, both of whom will work with a student until graduation. An important goal of this shift is to help create deeper relationships between administrators and the students during their time at the high school. The houses are listed below along with the alphabetical breakdown and the corresponding counselors and administrators. Please check SchoolTool for your child’s specific counselor as there may be some who fall somewhat outside of an alphabetical group.

Mrs. White, Administrator
Mrs. Pickup/Mr. Grier, Counselors

Mrs. Klefbeck, Administrator
Mrs. Buckman/Ms. Secor, Counselors

Mr. Vaughn, Administrator
Mrs. Navarra/Mrs. Callaghan, Counselors

Chart of Counselor Assignments

If you have any questions about the new structure, please feel free to reach out to me either by phone or email.

Wayne Ackles
Executive Principal

Blue Team-Mrs. White

Mr. Grier

10th-Barr-Cak; Gir-Hz
11th-A-Bek; F-Haq
12th-Barry-Bek; Bov-Bx; Fel-Hars

Mrs. Pickup

12th-A-Anc; Co-Fek

WIldcat Team-Mrs. Klefbeck

Mrs. Buckman

10th-Aug-Bah; I-Mam
11th-Bro-Bus; Har-Lz
12th-By-Cg; Hart- Lz

Mrs. Secor

10th-Amo-Auf; Man-Oz
11th-Bi-Brn; M-Pak
12th-Bor -Bou; M-Oz

Gold Team-Mr. Vaughan

Mrs. Navarra

10th-Bai-Barq; P-Sl
11th-Bel-Bh; Pal-Sl
12th-And-Barrx; P- Sg

Mrs. Callaghan

10th-A -Amn; Sm-Z
11th-But-Ceq; Sm-Z
12th-Bel-Boq; Ch-Cn; Sh – Z