WGHS Students Participate in a Mock Crash Assembly for their Peers

Crash Simulation Cast smilingOn Friday, May 12, 2023, a mock DWI car crash was presented at West Genesee High School by the Camillus Police Department, Fairmount Fire Department, Waves Ambulance, Buranich Funeral Home, Meyers Collision, the District Attorney and Medical Examiner’s Office with students from the high school.

When asked what the purpose of the exercise is, West Genesee High School Principal, Tracy Klefbeck, responded, “This exercise is to give the students a heightened awareness of what can happen if bad decisions are made behind the wheel of a car.”

The senior class attended the assembly with many of them planning to drive to their Senior Ball.

The cast was made up of the following students who are pictured above: Eva Poissant, Camdyn McNeill, Mia Pinker, and Paige McNamara.