WGHS Welcome to the Virtual Open House!

October 1, 2020

Good Afternoon Parents and Guardians,

The link for the 2020 Virtual Open House is now live by clicking here. Below are some important tips that may help in navigating the virtual open house. Thank you for taking the time to be a part of the Virtual Open House!


  • Start with the Mr. Ackles Welcome Video. It looks like:

WGHS Virtual Open House Video Image

  • Have a copy of your child’s or children’s schedules to help you find the classes that they are taking.
  • If you are having trouble viewing the videos on your phone- you may want to switch to a laptop or computer. Sometimes there are compatibility issues with the operating system of a phone that do not exist with laptops or computers.
  • When viewing the folders for the Open House view them in the “List Mode” which will look like this: WGHS Virstual Open House Image
    Notice the squares at the end that are highlighted here. When it is in this setting it will make the folders easier to navigate.
  • Once inside the Virtual Open House 2020 Folder, it will look like this:

WGHS Virtual Meeting Image

You’ll see folders for the subject areas. Within those folders will be the specific teacher or class videos.

I hope this helps you to access the link into the Virtual Open House a little easier. Thank you again for participating!


Wayne Ackles
Executive Principal
West Genesee High School