WGHS Yearbook Info

Yearbook Info imageOrders for the 2023 Genesean yearbook are due this Friday, September 30.  Go online to ybpay.lifetouch.com and use I.D. code 12506823 to place your order.

Senior Portraits are due this Friday, September 30. Email a copy of your portrait to hsyearbook@westgenesee.org. More information can be found on the Senior Website.

More details are below.

Senior Portraits

The deadline for submitting senior portraits for inclusion in the 2023 Genesean yearbook is Friday, September 30, 2022.

Your Senior Portrait must conform to the portrait specifications printed below.
Upstate-Images will be onsite at the high school October 24-26, 2022 for anyone who did not have the opportunity to have their Senior Portrait taken this summer and have not yet submitted their yearbook portrait.

  • To schedule an appointment for a free yearbook session, call Upstate-Images at 855-773-3321.
  • To schedule an appointment for a Silver Session, visit https://www.upstate-images.com
  • The Silver Session Includes:
    ✔︎ 15 Poses/proofs
    ✔︎ 4 Different backgrounds
    ✔︎ 1 Outfit of your choice
    ✔︎ 1 Formal yearbook outfit
    ✔︎ 1 Cap & Gown outfit (we will provide)
    ✔︎ Expect a 20 minute session

E-mail a .jpg copy of your portrait to: hsyearbook@westgenesee.org.

Questions regarding this information may be e-mailed to the yearbook advisor at: hsyearbook@westgenesee.org.

Genesean Yearbook Senior Portrait Specifications

Portrait Specification:

  • Head and shoulder shots only; no body shots
  • Neutral backgrounds
  • No outdoor photos
  • Photos must be vertical
  • Hats are NOT permitted. Clothing MUST be visible after the photograph is cropped for the yearbook. We will notify students/families if there are any concerns in regard to your chosen yearbook image not adhering to the Portrait Specifications.

Photo Size

  • 3 ¼ inches tall by 2 ¼ inches wide ( wallet size)
  • Digital images must be .jpg format only