WGMS PTA Sponsors a Book Swap Event for Students

WGMS Book SwapThe West Genesee Middle School PTA held a Book Swap event for students that featured over 1,800 books donated by WGMS families.

Each student had the opportunity to take one book of their choosing home for free, and after all of the students had an opportunity to choose a book, teachers, staff, and interested students were invited to take as many books home that they would like for free.

This is a new school event that takes place of a traditional book fair. WGMS administrators asked the PTA to create an event that focused on celebrating reading and one that was equitable for all students. Each ELA class led by a teacher took turns visiting the Book Swap, and the PTA replenished the titles to ensure popular titles were available for all.

The WGMS PTA would like to thank WGMS administrators and families for supporting this event.